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The woman you want in your corner! With over 15 years PR experience, Brianna often exceeds expectations and brings incredible business acumen to match. More...

We operate using an integrated, customised approach and can partner with our sister agency, Affinity Marketing, to ensure your PR strategy is working in collaboration with your overall marketing efforts to provide your business the best results.



What Sets Us Apart?

We do not want to be a flash in the pan. We want to work with you in the long-term. We take a strategic approach to our clients’ success, continually generating fresh content to keep them front and centre across a range of media.


We also have the ability to work alongside our sister agency, Affinity Marketing, to ensure your PR strategy works collaboratively with your marketing strategy for the best results possible.




  • We deliver newsworthy content to the most appropriate outlets for you

  • We know our media contacts on a first name basis

  • Our follow-up methods means we stay front of mind to get more results


  • We use an integrated and customised approach to ensure we get cut through in this busy digital age

  • We conduct a personalised approach for each pitch

  • Our up to date knowledge ensures you get the best coverage possible in your industry and in overall media


  • Our long-term approach ensures you don’t have only a one off win

  • We help achieve your business goals through building you a lasting profile of trust

  • Using our business acumen, not just our PR knowledge, we create the best strategy for your needs, tracking our progress along the way.

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