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To build a profile

Affinity Public Relations works closely with Demeter Fertility to build the profile of their two key fertility specialists, positioning them as experts in their field.

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— Profiling key fertility specialists

— Story driven content relating to the two fertility specialists

— Hijacking news stories by proactively offering the clients' expert opinion

— Developing content consistent with current marketing campaigns

— Content generation for key dates such as Mother’s Day

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Affinity Public Relations has been able to successfully position Demeter Fertility’s two leading fertility doctors as experts in the field. We have also been able to leverage their unique position of having been through IVF personally. Both doctors are now regularly sought after by media for their expert opinion and their own personal IVF story. These opportunities have included tv and radio appearances - Today Extra, Sunrise, Channel 7 news, Channel 10 news, 2DayFM, ABC Radio, 2UE, Sky News and Channel 9 Mornings among others. Various events and story content throughout the year have also generated strong media interest from the likes of The Daily Telegraph, Women’s Weekly, Practical Parenting, Australian Women’s Health, Child magazine, Huffington Post, MamaMia as well as a significant amount of radio and online media.
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